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                                                                                     A Quality, Coated Ribbed Steel Park Bench
                                                                   A very popular coated bench for year round Beauty and durability


   The modern style contoured seat with
  a ribbed steel pattern make this a
  very Stylish, Durable and popular
    The arms are made with 2-7/8" O.D.
  powder coated steel  Pipe for added
  strength and durability.
    Available with or without a Back,
 also Portable, Surface or In-Ground
  mount types are available.
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 please click HERE

Colors Available


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        4ft.Modern Bench with add-on, makes 8ft. bench = $780.00 similar park bench w/add-on
         B6WBMODCLASSPSM = $725.00 For single park bench
B6WBMODCLASSPSM -Add-0n = $686.00 ( creates Park bench similar to small picture above )

            B4WBMODCLASSPSM  = $628.00       
(This park bench is not shown)
            B4WBMODCLASSPSM - 4 ft. Add-on = $590.00       
(This park bench is not shown)

  " Prices do Not Reflect Shipping charges or the Discount "

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         B6MODCLASSPSM = $648.00  garden style park bench with no back
B6MODCLASSPSM -Add-0n = $609.00      (not shown) garden style park bench

         B4MODCLASSPSM  = $570.00     
garden style park bench     (not shown)
         B4MODCLASSPSM - 4 ft. Add-on = $531.00    
(not shown) garden style park bench

 " Prices do Not Reflect Shipping charges or the Discount "

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