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                                                    A Thermoplastic Coated Villa Style Bench


                                                          A very popular coated bench for year round Beauty and durability


   The modern style contoured seat with
 back and seats are made with #9 gauge 3/4" expanded metal with a larger diamond design in the middle for added style.
    The frames are made of heavy duty cast aluminum with strength and durability. they Can be portable or surface mount.

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Colors Available


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         B6WBVILLAEXP, park bench  B4WBVILLAEXP with B4WBVILLAEXP -add on for 8 ft. length
                                          Dark Blue                                                                similar park bench w/add-on - Lt. Blue 

         B6WBVILLAEXP =$732.00 For single park bench
B6WBVILLAEXP -Add-0n = $595.00 ( creates Park bench similar to small picture above )

B4WBVILLAEXP  = $578.00        (This park bench is not shown)
B4WBVILLAEXP - 4 ft. Add-on = $442.00        (This park bench is not shown)

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