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    Minimum Order:
The minimum order is $50.00 per address, a smaller order would require 
                     a $15.00 surcharge to process.                      
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 Always check your email up to 48 hours after submitting
an order in case of problems, errors, backorders, color or size not available, etc.

Special Clevis Wrench

Special style hex wrench for #SH-40  and #SH-42 clevis and
Clevis pendulums. (here)

$1.50  (1 each)


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Large S-Hook Tool


Opens and closes your S-Hooks.

for S-Hook tool with Chain Cutter go to:
California Swing Products



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Pipe collar

Cast aluminum with one set screw. - 1-3/8" I.D center hole. - Length= 3-1/4".  Does not include two wood screws, which must be purchased by local installer.

$2.98  (1 each)

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Angle Brackets

Set of four (4) - 3" X 3" angles 
Used to install pyramid or square ridge roofs over a deck with a 48" X 48"  outside to outside deck measurement.  
Powder coated angle steel with pre-punched, slotted bolt holes.

$34.00  (1 set)
Select Colors:

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# SH-08
Tire Eyebolts

Set of three, includes washers and lock nuts.

backordered until early Aug



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