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Updated 2-21-12

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ID = JennSwing

JennSwing® swing seat Although this swing can be used by all children, from those who are just beginning to sit up on their own to school-aged children weighing up to 125 pounds(52kg), it truly has been designed for children with disabilities movement-limiting handicaps. With its patented, lightweight plastic design, JennSwing offers children with special needs the chance to experience the Joy of Swinging. JennSwing is Designed to meet the American Disabilities Act guidelines for playground equipment in public recreation. Product ship Wt. 70 lbs - weight limit 125 lbs. Seat Width = 14" , Seat Depth = 11"
Seat Back Height = 24", Seat to Footrest = 14"
Overall Length = 45"
Shipped UPS or FedEx.

Easily attaches to any existing swing set with S-hooks, included. (order by frame height).

Frame sold Separately Below



Your Frame Height.
(for chain length)

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ID = Jenn Harness

Replacement SAFETY HARNESS for   
JennSwing Above



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The Lt Use Frame is 50" wide at the top and at the bottom it is 7 ft wide above ground. It is 7 1/2 foot tall and 8 foot from front leg to back leg above ground.
It would be 6 ft tall if they put 1 1/2 ft in the ground or 7 1/2 foot tall above ground. It includes a crossbeam for extra support. The frame weighs only 60 pounds.
It also comes with stakes so that it can be placed on a grass or dirt surface.
    Feet for the frame, which will prevent it from slipping or marring a floor, are -- sold separately below.

Swing Sold Separately


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 # S61NSo        
6' Foot Frame

Frame for swing 6 feet high has a 6 Ft.
6 wide top rail. Heavy duty must be cemented into the ground. Frame legs are   8' Ft. long to allow for 2' Ft into the ground. Comes with 2-3/8" Galvanized top rail and Galvanized 2" pipe for legs.

Shipped motor freight.  Minimum $138.00
  "note" Combined shipping Swing  & Frame would be approx. the Same as the frame alone.

Swing Sold Separately


Select  Frame
end Color

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 Pipe Leg indoor feet
Gives extra stability to frame for indoor
and portability usage

$132.00 Set of 4

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ID  = Pipe

Leg extension
Gives extra foot of height for custom swing frame.

$41.00 per ft. per Bay

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(2) Replacement Chains for   
JennSwing Above (1 Pair)



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