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More timbers & NEW Ramp


                 The ADA accessible Ramp allows Safe Easy Access to your Playground.
                While the Landscape Timbers keep The ground cover or mulch contained

» Our Wheelchair/ADA Ramp System™ is your answer to making your playground accessible.
» It is cost-effective and easy to install.
» Designed to be used with 12" Funtimbers™
(sold separately).
» Made of heavy-duty, roto-molded  polyethylene, this ramp is virtually 
maintenance free! 
» Childforms® Wheelchair/ADA  Accessible Ramp™ is only warranted
when used with Childforms® Funtimbers™.
» System  Package Includes:
(1) Entrance Ramp, (1) Exit Ramp, 
(1) Mounting Timbers
, and Necessary Mounting Spikes.

The Flush Mount Ramp provides simple access to the play area.   Ideal when connecting to exisiting sidewalks or other features.  Consists of (1) entrance ramp, (1) mounting log, spacers for use with either 8" or 12" Funtimbers, and Necessary spikes.

Weight: 65 lbs.
ADA-00005   $535

Our Price = $449.00 + Shipping
   When sold with a minimum of 40 Childforms
® Funtimbers


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        Our Price = $685.00 + Shipping       
   When sold with 100+ Childforms
® Funtimbers
              $ 700.00 when sold separately

    12" # ADA-00012  and   9" # ADA00008
    both available at the same price

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for Quote


Flush Mount Ramp

             ADA-00005   $500

          Our Price = $449.00 + Shipping
   When sold with a minimum of 40 + Childforms


 FTB-00001 ( 12" Funtimber™ with Spike ) - $35.00
4'4"L x 12"H x 4"W
 Weight:  12 lbs with spike. Use with Ramp

Extra Stakes At Bottom of page
       FTB-00001     $35.00    each


Please Request shipping
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 FTB-00002 ( 9" Funtimber with Spike ) - $34.00
4'4"L x 9"H x 4"W
 Weight:  10 lbs. with spike.
 Does not connect to Ramp
  Or 12" Timber



Please Request shipping
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Freight  Costs up

    Adjustable End Kit  ADJ-00001  -  $165.00
             Retro-Fit End System contains  
          (2) Retro-Fit Ends and (2) Filler Ends.

  By using the Filler Ends, you get a finished 
  appearance, which can be flush mounted 
  to existing walls, fences, etc.


All signs  -  16" x 23.5"    wt. 27 lb.   
                                 and  Includes 2" dia. Post 

                  ADA                     Rule & Age
                   Rules and age signs  =  $275.00 Each

English SGN-00001  = 2 - 5 years, Spanish # SGN-00011
English SGN-00002  = 5 - 12 years, Spanish # SGN-00012
English SGN-00003  = 2 - 12 years, Spanish # SGN-00013

     English SGN-00004 = ADA Access, Spanish # SGN-00014
  End Kit    $165.00


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  Signs     $275.00
Quantity.                 Select:

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 30" Timber Stake  $7.95

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