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Towing Methods You Should Know About 

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Transferring a vehicle is easy through driving your vehicle yourself to get to the destination, however if your car broke down, it then becomes a situation that will require you to call for help. If ever you will be in a situation like this, there are options to tow your car, here’s three methods to do so. 



 1. Flatbed 

Flatbed is known to be the most secure and safest way to move your car to a repair shop or to wherever you need your car to be. Through the use of vans or trailers that have been customized, your car is able to fit in and be transported securely. Flatbed simply means your car is transported while all its wheels are on a flat surface or on the trailer’s platform. However, even if this is the most secure method, it can be a lousy choice if you have a heavy car. Transport through the flatbed method requires vehicles that are specialized to handle a certain load thus it can also mean higher cost. However, if you like this method best because you are more confident on the security of your car while on transport, offers flatbed transport with flexibility. Do you want to transport your automobile or motorbike somewhere? Perhaps you want to transport a plane or boat? Newton towing can guarantee that for you! 


 2. Two-wheel dolly 

Compared to the flatbed method, this method is definitely more affordable and won’t put a hole in your pocket. This method means your car is often up for damage because only the two-front wheel of your car is lifted and the back wheels are still on ground. Moreover, if you want to transport a motorbike with this method, it is not really possible. Thus, this may be a cheaper alternative however it is indeed more limited compared to the flexibility flatbed transport offers.  


 3. Flat tow bar 

This is your cheapest option among the three methods mentioned here. If the two-wheel dolly damages your two back wheels because it is on the ground when towed and can be up for damages with its body open on air, flat tow bar can bring more damage to your car because 4 of your wheels are on ground and can damage the transmission system of your car since it is put in neutral. Moreover, this brings more damage to cars that have an automatic mechanism.  


If you are considering on getting your car towed because you need help in transporting it somewhere given you cannot drive your car to the location, do consider not just the cost of the service provided for you but also the service and safety you want for your vehicle. Even if you are on a budget, it is always safest to have your car transported through flatbed transport to ensure it is safe and that the transmission system of your car won’t get damaged in the transportation process. Your car is in investment, take care of it while in transport!  


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