Steps to Effectively Clean and Disinfect Your Home 

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Making sure that your surroundings or your home is clean is very significant. Take not that it is not your goal to completely get rid of the pathogen in the environment you are in but to make sure you are decreasing its presence as much as possible to make sure that infection does not spread in your home. Here are some tips to make sure you know the vital steps in the process of disinfecting and cleaning your home. 



 1. Cleaning 

Removing any material that is organic is your initial step. Grab a broom or anything that can scrape any organic material off your surface to get rid of any solid particle as much as possible. If you really take the time to properly do the cleaning part then for sure, you are already half way through your goal. 


 2. Washing 

Washing will probably get most of the time you allotted for cleaning and disinfecting however it is a vital step even if it is time consuming. When you do this step in a proper manner, for sure, 99.99% of any bacteria, germ or microorganism can be washed off the surface you are washing. The goal of washing is to get rid of any matter that is organic that has remained on the surface even after cleaning through the use of a broom. Any manure or urine can definitely be removed through this step. To make sure you are doing it right, invest in a pressure washer. Besides a power washer, you can also wash a surface through other methods.  

– Soaking: Soaking is a process that will lessen the time needed to make an effort through scrubbing everything off. One way to soak a part of a surface is through making sure all areas of the surface or object is wet and soaked with detergent or chemical while starting on one end letting the other areas spend more time with the detergent or chemical used.  


– Detergent: Look for detergents that are specially made for the surface you are trying to clean or disinfect. Detergents have been designed to reduce the tension on the surface making the particles be suspended much easier. Detergents can also be either acidic or alkaline and some special detergents have both. Detergents may add on the cost of the cleaning process however it specially trades it off with lesser labor on the part of the one cleaning. Moreover, it also plays a big part of maximizing the process of cleaning through getting more biofilms that can be a playground for bacteria.  


-Hot Water: Hot water is a good option if you don’t want to splurge on detergent. However, one disadvantage of using hot water is the steam it produces in the process which can hinder the cleaning process because the one doing the work will have a more difficult time seeing the surface of concern.  


3. Disinfecting 

The last part is disinfecting. This step is critical because it is backed by science. Disinfectants are chemicals that prevent, destroy or control microorganisms on surfaces or objects. Disinfectants are maximized if the other 2 steps have been done properly however it does not count much if the cleaning process was not done properly.  


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